Adelice – artisanal sweets

Adelina approached me for the creation of a brand name and a logo for a new startup designed for sweets’ lovers.

She wanted a clean and minimalist brand. The aim in constructing the brand identity was to make it recognizable while standing out among other competitors.


  • Adelina Petrisor


  • Brand naming
  • Logo design

Brand Name Proposals

Which one fits you best?

When I do this job, I look for names that meet the client’s requirements and are not already taken.
From a long list of proposals I came up with the best ones:

  • Dulciade from dulciuri + Adelina;
  • Adelice from Adelina + delice;
  • Adelight from Adelina + delight;
  • Cookielina from cookie + Adelina.

Logo Proposals

Choose the best one for you…

  • The idea behind the first proposal was a girl that looks like a cookie;
  • The second proposal I crafted starting from the idea of making sweets using the rolling pin;
  • In the third proposal and the one that the client chose I draw a delicious cake with a cherry on top of it.

The client’s voice

Thanks, Pixlab! Thank you, Alexandru Baciu! When I contacted you I knew I wanted something, but I didn't know what I wanted, I had no idea what to write in the questionnaire you sent me, but you managed to understand exactly what I want from the awkwardness I wrote and you moved extremely fast because, obviously, I was in a hurry to show up before the winter holidays. Only now, after 4 months of "Adelice" identity, do I realize how much I owe you and how much I like what came out!
Professionalism, passion, seriousness, success = PIXLAB!

Petrisor Adelina